Hemp Retailer Deluxe Package

Rate: $13,000*

  • Draft and submit Articles of Incorporation (corporation) or Articles of Organization (limited liability company) to form your company

  • Assist your company in obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Draft and submit hemp application

  • Draft governing documents for company:

    • Corporation – Bylaws, simple shareholder’s agreement, and initial corporate resolution; OR

    • Limited liability company – Simple operating agreement and initial members’ resolution

  • Assist with obtaining Business Tax License(s) and Florida Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Number

  • Draft confidentiality agreement

  • Draft terms and services and privacy policy for website

  • Draft terms and services of sales and refund policy

  • Provide your company with an employee training manual on handling regulated substances

  • Provide your company with a hemp product packaging compliance checklist for the state of Florida

  • Three 1-hour consultations**

* Please note that only the initial application fees are included in this quote.  You will be responsible for the annual renewal licensing fees charged by the state, county, and city/municipality each year following the year in which the application is submitted. 

** Please keep in mind if you require additional consultations, you will be charged additional fees. You may register for additional consultations on the Mr. Cannabis Law website.

***The estimated turnaround time is anticipated to be approximately 2-4 weeks.  Please note this is only an estimate and Mr. Cannabis Law may increase this time estimate as necessary.  If you have a pressing or complicated legal matter, please call the firm to confirm the current processing times.

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