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The ABC’s of Cannabis and Coronavirus: Even without federal aid, there are options.

By Dustin Robinson and Zachary Hyman This article is featured in the eBook, Pivot Under Pressure: A Comprehensive Guide to Minimize Impact and Revitalize Your Small Business, which is available at https://millenniallaw.com/pivot/   The Coronavirus has impacted many businesses and industries, including the Cannabis industry.  The Coronavirus closures and government regulations concerning the distribution of […]

Florida Super Licenses Receive Another Dose of Steroids: But Will They Accept the Boost?

By: Dustin Robinson and David Butter Florida medical cannabis licenses have become known as “super” licenses for three reasons.   First, Florida’s licensing structure is vertically integrated. Licensees are required to oversee the entire supply chain, including cultivating, processing, dispensing, and delivering. Vertical integration provides licensees with significant control from seed to sale. Vertical integration […]

Are Magic Mushrooms and Sclerotia Truffles Legal in Florida?

Bringing Clarity to a Trippy Legal Framework By: Dustin Robinson, Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law and Mr. Psychedelic Law Over the past six months, the Mr. Cannabis Law team has received several inquiries from clients interested in selling magic mushrooms and sclerotia truffles in Florida; and the clients are insistent that magic mushrooms and […]

Let’s be Blunt with Montel

This is an interview between Montel Williams and Founding Partner – Dustin Robinson – on Let’s Be Blunt! Montel and Dustin discuss cannabis real estate transactions, cannabis trademarks, cannabis corporate transactions, 2018 Farm Bill, USDA interim rules, FDA regulations, cannabis employment law issues, upcoming changes to the cannabis industry, probable cause, and much more!   […]

The Lack of Social Equity in Florida’s Cannabis Industry

As a Florida cannabis attorney who has worked on social equity applications in other states, I have seen the good and the bad of social equity programs and am hopeful that Florida can learn from the mistakes and the successes of other states. Florida currently has four provisions that arguably provide for social equity in the marijuana […]

Dude, Where’s my Job? Employee Protection for Off-Site Marijuana Use Under Florida Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) prohibits employers from discriminating against qualified individuals on the basis of disability, which is defined to include a broad array of impaired conditions. Under the ADA, the employer must provide reasonable accommodations to the disabled employee so that the employee can perform essential duties of the job. Similarly, the […]

Florida Cities Banning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In my previous blog (Home-Rule Used To Disguise Marijuana Stigma), I discussed how local governments throughout Florida are banning medical marijuana dispensaries; and I outlined a step-by-step approach for overcoming the bans. The first step listed in the previous blog (Home-Rule Used To Disguise Marijuana Stigma) is to identify which local governments have bans. The […]

Home-Rule Used To Disguise Marijuana Stigma

In order to get into the mind of local officials who are banning medical marijuana dispensaries, it is important to understand the concept of home-rule. The below blog will explore how local officials are using the concept of home-rule to disguise their misguided stigma against marijuana; and will offer a solution to beat the bans […]